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Stou Stratou

In one of the most picturesque squares of Cyclades, that of St Athanasius (or Town Hall) in the Chora of Serifos, lies the Café Stou Stratou.

Traditional and favorite meeting place, it is the perfect choice for all hours of the day.

In the morning enjoy a Greek coffee and eat hearty breakfasts in the peaceful sunny square.

The warm afternoon and evening hours pass pleasantly with cool beverages and snacks.

As the sun goes down more people gather, the light turn on and finding a table at Stou Stratou is the purpose of those arriving in the square.

Rakomelo (raki with honey, cinamon and spices), appetizer varieties and home-made sweets come and go, laughter and chitchat turn into singing and everyone becomes one big company, with the fun holding strong till early morning..

..and all over again!


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