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  • Ganema beach - Serifos


Distance from Chora: 11,6 km
Distance from Livadi: 7,1 km
Distance from the port: 5,6 n.m.

By road, no walking Mixed Natural shadow available No umbrellas Snacks available Restaurant available

Ganema is one of the biggest beaches of Serifos, neighboring with Koutalas beach and in short distance from Vagia beach. On its east side you will find plenty of parking space and, by going down a few steps and rocks, you will reach the shore. There is a road that crosses the homonymous village and ends at about halfway of the beach but it is not recommended, as this is essentially a riverbed that flows in the winter. The soil is rough, with big rocks, and the width is marginal for two cars to pass at the same time, in case you have one coming from the opposite direction.

This beach has two faces: From the parking lot side till the middle it is sandy, with only a few pebbles, while on the west side it is full of big, light colored pebbles. Whichever side you chose is insignificant, since the pleasurable cool water will keep you in the sea like.. forever..

You should choose the pebbly side, however, if there are strong winds blowing – the closer you get to the rocks, the better protected you will be. At that part of the beach there is a tavern, while another one you can find higher up, on the main road that heads to Koutalas.