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Mega Livadi

Distance from Chora: 11,2 km
Distance from Livadi: 15,4 km
Distance from the port: 8,3 n.m.

By road, no walking Sandy Natural shadow available No umbrellas Snacks available Restaurant available

Mega Livadi has written its own pages in the modern history of Serifos. It is located at the southwestern part of the island, which you can reach either by the road that starts from Chora (from the “Giftika” area), or from the southern asphalted route of the island. The bay of Megalo Livadi is sheltered and protects very well from the summer winds. The beach is narrow and quite special, for the sand seems muddy, due to its dark color – hence for its not-so-common nickname “Black beach”. The shallow, calm water and the plenty of shade, the parking lot close to the shore and the two taverns near the water, make this beach a favorite destination for families with young kids. The scenery is enchanting by itself, but you still need to walk a short distance on the left side, in order to visit the ruins of the mine’s facilities, the rails, the ore wagons and the loading bridge, reminiscent of the mining activities of the past. We suggest that you visit that place before the sunset, so as to catch the magnificent sight of the sun passing through the bridge’s crummy skeleton, before it submerges into the sea. On the other side of the shore you will find the old Headquarters (Administration building), a beautiful but -sadly enough- abandoned neoclassical building. Next to it you will see the Memorial, dedicated to the memory of the miners who lost their lives in the strike of 1916, and a few meters away you will find a small pier for fishing boats.