• Platis Gialos - Village and beach in Serifos
  • Platis Gialos beach - Serifos
  • Mesiano beach in Platis Gialos
  • Mesiano beach - Serifos
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  • Vorino beach - Serifos

Platis Gialos - Mesiano - Vorino

Distance from Chora: 12,4 km
Distance from Livadi: 12,7 km
Distance from the port: 6,2 n.m.

By road, no walking Mixed Natural shadow available No umbrellas Snacks available Restaurant available

The road that leads to the beach is the one between the Monastery of Taxiarches and the Panagia Skopiani church, on the north part of Serifos. Platis Gialos is a beautiful, picturesque beach with plenty of shade. What its name does not suggest is the fact that it refers only to one of three consecutive bays, each one with its own beach. So, besides Platis Gialos, if you head south you will find Mesiano beach and Vorino beach (some maps call them Mikro Livadi and Marathidi, respectively). Mesiano, the middle and smallest of the three beaches, enjoys the shade of two big trees and has a small tavern on its one side. From here, Vorino, which is named like this due to its orientation (“vorino” means northern), is just a few-minutes-away on foot and, it may not have much shade but it’s quieter. The sea is clean and cool, with a magnificent rocky seabed.