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Wood-oven Chalidas

In the Chora of Serifos the word "bakery" is synonymous to Wood-oven Chalidas, the legendary bakery of the beloved mr Nikos, also known as "Barbagonis". The memories of locals and visitors from this place are endless and, despite Barbagonis' absence, it continues to enchant with the familiar smells and new creations of Yiannis.

In Wood-oven Chalidas you will not only find golden puff pastries, fluffy breads and brioches, delicious cookies, sesame-honey candies and cereal bars. Nor will you limit yourself to classic options such as croissants, pizzas, salty and sweet "bougatsa". Yiannis tirelessly creates delicacies of all sorts, like curled puff pastry with goat cheese and honey, crispy cheese pie with poppy seeds, bread rings filled with philadelphia, turkey and peppers, chicken pie with chicken fillet wrapped in bacon, juicy porcini mushroom pie and many more.

Before or after your visit to Ano Chora, from early in the morning until after your drinks, during a summer night, do not forget to pass by the bakery to see what has just come out of the oven! Even if you are not hungry, just come to say "hi", to feel the firepower of the traditional wood-oven, to look at the kneading and the delicacies on display.

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