• Flowers and rocks in Kalo Ampeli
  • Horse in northern Serifos
  • Tree in Kallitsos and Kentarchos beach
  • Goats in Serifos


The low vegetation of the island consists mostly of brushwood, capers, thyme, fennel and oregano, while on the few arable lands one will usually see vines, olive trees and a few citrus.

The deep blue sea that caresses its beautiful beacheshides a clean -sometimes rocky and others sandy- sea bed, with a rich variety of fish and underwater vegetation.

On the islet of Serifopoula one can meet a colony of Aegean-gulls, a seabird threatened with extinction, as well as the Shag that is found in the wider area.

On the east side of the island, in the Steno area, just before the beach of Psili Ammos, a water collection dam was constructed in 2003, with a 700.000 cubic meters capacity, for the watering of farmlands.

Almost one third of Serifos, from the south and southwest shores to the slopes of Panagia and Galani villages, northeast of the Troulos top, has become a “Natura 2000” site (Natura 2000 is a European network for the protection of the Mediterranean biodiversity, the natural habitats and wildlife of the region).