• Getting to Serifos by boat
  • Dock for boats in Livadi - Serifos

Access by boat

Serifos is located 7 n.m. south of Kythnos and 7,5 n.m. northwest of Sifnos. In the strait between Serifos and Kythnos there are two barren islets, with no beaconing: Serifopoula 4,5 n.m. northeast and Piperi 5,8 n.m. north of Serifos.

You need to be extra careful if you are approaching Serifos from the north after sunset, since that part of the island is not light-marked. If you are coming from northeast-east you should look out for the islet of Vous, which is located about 1 n.m. away from the southeastern shores of Serifos, also with no beaconing. Two more points that need your attention is the reef in the northern edge of Sikamia bay (on the north part of the island), as well as the narrow strait between the barren islet of “Garbias” and the coastline of Serifos, southwest of Kalo Ampeli beach.

The southeastern part of the island is marked by a lighthouse, visible from a distance of 9 n.m., with 2 white flashes that recur every 14 seconds (FL2 W 14S 9M). Heading east, after 4,4 n.m., in the southern tip of the island, there is the Lighthouse of Cape Spathi, which marks its location with 3 white flashes every 30 seconds and is visible from a distance of 19 n.m. (FL3 W 30S 19M).

Just 2 n.m. sailing northeast of the Cape Spathi, towards the Livadi moorage and the shores of the homonymous village, is the port. The bay opening is 0,5 n.m. wide and faces south. Its eastern coasts are surrounded by big depths, while the western ones are quite shallow at points. In a short distance from Karavi beach, on the western shores of the bay, there is a reef, hidden about 3 meters under the surface of the sea.

First, you will see the main pier (37◦8.492N - 24◦31.141E), which is where the ferries moor. Its marking comes by a small beacon with a red flash every 3 seconds, visible from 3 n.m. away (FL R 3S 3M), which you will leave on your left as you enter. In a very short distance to the west (0,2 n.m.) you will see the marina, which is where the smaller boats and yachts moor, as well as the fishing boats.

The port is very well protected by the winds and is particularly crowded in July and August. If you don’t find a spot in the marina, do not hesitate to anchor offshore, between the port and the beach of Avlomonas.

Livadi is where the Port Authority of Serifos is located, which you can contact by phone (+30) 22810 51470 or via VHF in channel 12. You can make arrangements concerning refueling and water, while the coast of Livadi is full of shops and businesses, where you will find whatever you need. The bus that connects Livadi with Chora, which you certainly must visit, stops right in front of the marina.

If you want to anchor away from the port, we suggest that you choose the bay of Koutalas, on the southern part of the island, or the bay of Mega Livadi, southwest, which will guard you well from the weather.