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  • Tap concept bar - Thidira - Serifos
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Here, in the middle of the Aegean Sea, in Serifos, a sought-after bar has been blooming since 2021, to color one's holidays unforgettable, with quality, sensitivity, taste, joy but also peace and relaxation whenever it is needed. We are talking about the unique and so far the first tap-room in the Aegean, "Thidira".

At the steep Chora of the island, on the central square of St Athanasios and next to the historic town hall, a corner building of about twenty square meters stands proudly in the center of the square.
Thidira, a local word that is an anagram of the word “thirida” (which means locker/cabinet), is a restless and very active tap concept bar. Only here can one find a variety of beers on tap, from Greek microbreweries, alternating in interest and selectiveness. You will also find all the classic cocktails, made with passion, as well as something that is really unique and new: home-brewed cocktails on tap!

Every morning, when the bar is not working, its creators "cook" - as they like to say - handmade cocktails with fine alcohols, homemade syrups, spices, juices and delicious fruit purees! Tangerine spritz, fizzy Mai Tai, Jombie twist and many more. And when we say they cook, your imagination is right! Marmites, funnels, filters, measuring cups and stainless steel sterilized barrels line up on the counter.
Some of the cocktails are carbonated for 48 hours, to give a unique sparkling sensation, and all are placed in the cooling chamber at the loft, ready to drink and already chilled, with consistent quality and taste until the last sip you take.
Our wide selection of high quality, excellent spirits, simple and premium, will delight you. Although Thidira is not a classic wine bar, it also offers several fine wines, with special preference to the great production of the local winery.

The music in Thidira changes according to the time of day. Early in the evening, with the smells of bubble baths still strong, you will hear classical, bossa nova, or vocal jazz, while our bar stays sunny for the longest in the square. Later you will listen to reggae, classic rock, but also dub, rock'n'roll and rhythm'n'blues and towards the heart of the night excellent blues and jazz music.

Thidira, the hatch or locker, the recess in the wall that was meant to protect the residents' valuables from pirates, is ready to protect and preserve your memories of an unforgettable summer.
Before you go, grab a marker and leave your message on our interior walls. Your motto, your thought, your love, your drawing! They will do their best in order for you to find them there again, no matter how many summers pass.

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