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Serifos Tours

Do you want to explore the island with us? The team of Serifos Tours gives you the opportunity to get to know Serifos, discover the magnificent Chora of the island, its dreamlike beaches, the mysterious mines and its seductive hiking trails. Are you ready? The journey begins just now..

Our goal in Serifos Tours is to help the visitor discover the island and leaving it with the sweetest memories, when the time of return arrives, desiring to come back one day

Our agency is at your service, to organize your vacations. We responsibly undertake:

  • Issuing of tickets from Piraeus to Serifos and from Serifos to other travel destinations
  • Finding accommodation (hotels, rooms to let) for your stay in the island
  • Renting cars or bikes for your transportation
  • Arranging tours and hikes with lots of surprises!
  • Transporting you to the beaches of Serifos via bus, with frequent routes!

A few words about the island

You fall in love with Serifos. One time is not enough. It always has something to tell you, to show you, to excite you with. From Serifos you never leave.. you only come!

We would say that this island combines everything: raw beauty, hospitality, turquoise waters in wonderful beaches for every taste, cobblestone pathways of the 19th century used by the mine workers, more than 100 picturesque churches, many of which celebrating with folklore festivities, but most importantly a magical Chora, one of the most beautiful in the Aegean, with fantastic view towards the endless blue, puzzle-like alleyways, whitewashed yards and bright white windmills.

Serifos is ready to embrace all, make them one unit, through a feast, with the sound of just one violin.

Here everything is simple and humane, because here is.. Serifos!!!

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