• Serifos - Hiking trail A - Livadi-Chora
  • Folklore Museum in Chora
  • Alleyways of Kato Chora
  • Pathway to Kalo Ampeli beach
  • Path of Kalo Ampeli
  • Paved path Chora-Giftika
  • Trail 1 - Kallitsos-Chora
  • Rocky pathway in Serifos
  • Stone-stepped trail of Chora

Chora – Giftika (Signage “2”)

Average duration: 45 minutes (stops and return not included)
Length: 2,2 km

Connection with other trails:

Livadi – Chora Castle – Windmills Square
Kallitsos – Chora
Giftika – Troullos top
Giftika – Petrias top 
Giftika – Panagia

The start of the trail is on the small parking space of Pano Chora, a bit higher than the Terminal Station of buses that connect Chora with Livadi. It starts with a dirt path, which then becomes paved and then dirt again. It passes by the chapel of Agios Georgios (St. George) and ends to the heliport of Serifos, on the left, and the central asphalt road in “Giftika” area.

We suggest that you either reach close to the heliport by bus and then follow the whole distance the opposite way, or start from Ano Chora, reach the chapel of Agios Georgios and then return, since the view to Chora from this trail is magnificent.

From “Giftika” area you can also head to the nearby tops of Troullos and Petrias.