• Serifos - Hiking trail A - Livadi-Chora
  • Folklore Museum in Chora
  • Alleyways of Kato Chora
  • Pathway to Kalo Ampeli beach
  • Path of Kalo Ampeli
  • Paved path Chora-Giftika
  • Trail 1 - Kallitsos-Chora
  • Rocky pathway in Serifos
  • Stone-stepped trail of Chora

Livadi – Chora Castle – Windmills Square (Signage “A” up to Ano Chora)

Average duration: 45 minutes (stops and return not included)
Length: 2,6 km

Connection with other trails:

Kallitsos – Chora
Chora – Giftika

The well-preserved stone path with the continuous steps used to be the only road connecting Livadi and Chora, before the asphalt road was constructed. From the shore of Livadi, before Avlomonas beach, you will follow the cemented river till the bridge and then you will go right, following the central road that climbs to the Chora of Serifos. On its base, at the point where the road starts going uphill and turns left, is the start of the stepped path. The road is busy and is often intersecting the trail, so you will have to be careful of the passing traffic when you try to cross it. On your way you will pass by many picturesque chapels and Cycladic houses, you will see the Folklore Museum, the Memorial of the Fallen and the square of Kato Chora, you will pass through the narrow streets and Pano Piazza of Ano Chora and you will continue following signs and displays till the top, that is the Castle, with the magnificent view. From its east side you can follow the descending steps that will lead you to the Windmills Square.

Alternatively, you can go to the Square with a vehicle and then follow the route in an opposite -and easier- direction.

Don’t be fooled by the short distance of this trail, since the stops inevitably are many. Nevertheless, it is worth taking your time and walking among the beautiful districts of Chora.