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  • Serifos - Kallitsos village


Distance from Chora: 12,9 km
Distance from Livadi: 8,4 km

A short distance from the Monastery of Taxiarches lies Kallitsos (or Kentarchos), a village that spreads over the turquoise bay and the beach of Kentarchos, which you will find difficult accessing even on foot. The settlement is a characteristic sample of Cycladic architecture, with dovecotes (“peristeriones”), whitewashed houses one next to another and a small square in between, with built mantel all around and view to the beach.

The name Kallitsos (/kα’litsos/) comes from the ancient Greek word “kalliston” (/’kαliston/, i.e. the best), which used to be its original name on its previous geographical location “Xero Chorio” (i.e. dry village). This used to lie on a higher position but was destroyed by the pirates and was reestablished during the 1821 revolution by residents of Chora.

On the northern edge of the village you will see Tholos (Dome), as the locals call this overground tomb of a Roman centurion -i.e. kentarchos in Greek- whose title was given to the nearby beach.