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  • Malliadiko - Serifos
  • Malliadiko beach - Serifos
  • Serifos - Malliadiko


Distance from Chora: 11 km
Distance from Livadi: 12,2 km
Distance from the port: 5,8 n.m.

By road + 5 mins walk Mixed Natural shadow available No umbrellas No snack available No restaurant available

In less than 2 km from the beach of Koutalas, heading west towards Mega Livadi, there starts a small road on the left side that leads to Malliadiko – though its start is not an easy one to find. You need to be careful as you go down the dirt road for about 500 meters, till you find a plateau where you can park. From there on starts a 250 meter pathway that will lead you to the reeds, on the one side of the beach, and it will take you less than 5 minutes to walk towards the other side. Keep in mind that the beach is inaccessible for most vehicles, while the parking and maneuvering space on the shore is limited.

The beach is located at a quiet, sheltered bay that protects well from the summer winds (“meltemi”). It has a few big trees, thick sand and thin pebble stone. The water is crystal clear and the seabed remains alive and intact. Malliadiko is a favorite beach of free-campers and a hideaway for many Serifians. Make sure that you are equipped with what you will need before visiting, since there are no amenities here.

From the west side of the bay starts a pathway that leads to Kalogeros beach.